The Hunt for the Perfect Pearl Necklace Needs Some Tips

Pearl necklaces are major fashion statements and really should be the first jewelry piece that you should buy if you are building a pearl fashion collection.

Various necklaces

There are several necklaces that are outstanding and make the perfect piece to build your pearl collection around. This is because there are necklaces that fit any neckline. Some of them fit so perfectly you believe that it was made especially for your neck.

Various necklaces

Size, types and style

Also necklaces are so personal – with various colors, types and style. It actually could become an addiction in collecting the various types of pearl necklaces.


The size of the pearls in these necklaces can be varied or all the same while colors come in many pastels. There are necklaces that are best worn on thin neck or you can make the necklace major causal or formal attire. There are also some necklaces that go with any type of outfit or time of day.

The pearls that necklaces come in include:

  • Tahitian Pearl Necklaces
  • Freshwater Pearl Necklaces
  • Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklaces
  • South Sea Pearl Necklaces

South Sea Pearl Necklaces

Here are some tips:

  • When picking Akoya pearl decide if you are wanting grade Japanese Akoya pearls for investment or the Chinese Akoya Pearls that are more affordable. Freshwater pearls are a wonderful alternative to Akoya.
  • Think Akoya from China when looking for a more affordable Akoya pearls.
  • Think Akoya pearls from Japan when looking for Akoya pearls that are premium. Be certain that the Japanese pearls have the Japanese Tag of Quality to make sure that were inspected by the Japanese Pearl Association.
  • Think Freshwater pearls for their affordable price points and value. A Freshwater pearl necklace is available in 4 gorgeous colors in a class of their own. The AAA and AAAA strands are the best in the world.
  • Think about pearls that are Tahitian when looking for a necklace that makes a huge statement. Tahitian pearls are one of the more deluxe pearls available. The size of these pearls is large, starting at 8 mm and can range up to the huge 14 mm.
  • Think South Sea Pearls when looking for the utmost high-class pearls in the world.

South Sea Pearls

Author: Austin Kalebs