The need to use steroids for body building

Body builders and athletes always keep on finding new avenues to get the right body stature so that they can excel and get more competitive. For this they use many steroids and supplements which work in their favor and give a lean and strong body. The one ingredient which should be present in any soluble is the IGF – 1 which is better known as insulin like growth factor and is a popular ingredient for muscle building. It is like the insulin which is available in the market. It is an important supplement for growth hormone. The primary action is to stimulate growth in the body.

How do they work?

Hormones are the main factor in any growth and development and are secreted by the glands such as the pituitary glands which is in the endocrine system. They produce many changes in the body which regulate the growth for a better future. The synthetic supplement helps in the promotion and creation of the muscles and tissues to work on many kinds of activities used daily. It has 70 amino acids which develop the protein cells and help in hormone generation. But the primary action is to stimulate growth so that the body functions appropriately. But there are chances of it being destroyed when the digestive process intervenes in between. This is the reason that injections are used so that it shows perfect results when injected.

IGF is not as strong as insulin but is not responsible for transporting glucose in the tissues and cells but it acts to divide the cells and make them grow. This is a cycle which needs to be ongoing for life. The new cells are always necessary to replace the old ones for repairs and rejuvenation and replacement of damaged and dead cells. The body has a main form of energy called glycogen and tis accelerates the growth of the cells. Weight training done by body builders and athletes always helps them as the IGF stimulates the strength and makes the body work harder and deliver results without getting tired on a usual basis. But simply hormone cannot do so and it should be backed by many other ingredients. Diet is one of the most common requirements along with the hormones production.

But as they say, anything in excess can lead to many side effects and one should be aware of them well in advance. It is necessary for you to know all the side effects so that you can decide the dosage. High dosage may also trigger the side effects which in many cases does not if the dosage is right. The body type is also detrimental when you look at the growth factors. Different bodies react to different types of side effects and one should be aware of them. It is also necessary for you to start with low dosage so that you can see how your body reacts to it. Once it is all fine you can gradually increase the dosage. You may also need to get an advice from your medical practitioner so that you know it will affect you or not.

Author: Austin Kalebs