Thought-Provoking Herb Use Survey Results Divulged

What would a thousand odd people have to say about what they felt after they used certain herbs that were meant to enhance the power of the brain? As you begin to go through the results of the variegated surveys that have been conducted around the world to get answers to some pestering questions, you also begin to realize that people, who did not really know how to use some of the most potent herbs properly were the ones that did not believe in them. So, here’s what you can do.

Open the gates of wisdom

While several people have reported on the effects (particularly on the nasty side-effects of consuming certain brain boosting herbs), they have not been able to explain why it has happened to them. The truth is that if someone perceives that a particular herb or even a brain booster to give them several benefits and starts consuming them more frequently without putting a certain limit on the consumption of the same, the side effects can be undesirable and they would not stop unless and until that individual puts a full-stop to the consumption. So, you can continue to consume the brain enhancers but make sure you do not just gulp down one tablet after another. Take your time to go through the dosage recommendations provided on the label of the box of brain enhancers before you can get started on your quest to open the gates of wisdom.

Protect your gray matter

Now, not everyone knows that what they desire to achieve can backfire on them in case they do not use their discretion – even if their intention is extremely humble. If you were planning to increase your gray matter, then you would need to begin taking the necessary steps toward protecting your brain, to begin with. You cannot achieve this by taking in one medicine after another but doing just the opposite – taking in the right dosage after studying the variegated side effects of consuming these brain boosting tablets and also cycling them (after all, the duration of their consumption also matters). In fact, if you wish to consult your doctor with regards to this, you can always approach him or her. After all, even if these brain enhancers are made of some of the most ancient herbs and come with certain benefits, they can also produce undesirable effects.

Fifty shades of gray

Just as the color gray has many shades, the brain (also known as the gray matter) has many shades to it. Like several people who have reported on the effects of consuming certain brain boosters, they can trigger the brain to start reacting tothem badly in case they are abused. While some people have reported that excessive intake of the herb that is available in tablet form has resulted in thyroid disorders, some others have claimed that it hassloweddown their heart rate and even blocked their gastrointestinal tract. Some have even claimed that it can obstruct the urinary tract. Anything can turn lethal if you just keep pursuing it without a limit.

Author: Austin Kalebs